Are you Afraid?

Are you Afraid of getting Old? I thought about this while Travis listened to a Podcast this morning. Bottom line we are all gonna get old and grey. I know tons of Old farts that try to cover up this inevitable stage of life. They dye their hair, implant hair and drive Corvettes. I think getting old is an awesome thing. I hope I can be that cool old guy, not the old guy trying to be cool…you know what I am talking about. So when I start getting old and Grey, its here to stay. If I go bald, I will rock the dome with pride. That won’t be for another 70 yrs so, until then I will live to fullest now. I remember my gramps, coolest old dude ever, my dad is cooler than him, so I think i may be just as cool when I am old. Here’s a glimpse at Jesse with a shaggy white beard. Not bad though eh? What do you think? and are you afraid of getting old?


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4 responses to “Are you Afraid?

  1. uoandrea

    haha yes. you know when you look in the mirror and you’re so used to seeing a young face? i wonder what it will feel like when i see a saggy wrinkly face and remember the days when i was younger. it’s going to feel weird. i’m MOSTLY afraid of getting a disease or not being able to care for myself. I DONT WANT OLD PEOPLE DIAPERS!

  2. vice

    What if you get gray hairs now? What if started at a young age? WIll you let it go gray at this age? It can happen.

    We think it will be cool if someday [in the long future] that going grey is cool but when it begins now, people tend to reach for the dye.

    But then again, that American Idol guy won it with gray hair.
    I’d rather go gray later like George Clooney at his age.

    I’m not afraid of getting old but rather going bald or grey at this age.

    Just ask those that are balding and going gray at 28.

  3. zehink

    ha you have gray grass eyebrows!

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