Facts you didn’t know…Part II

-learned how to ride a bike at the tender age of 11.

-I love cookie dough ice cream and sherbet….together.

-Was almost held up at gun point in Argentina…after performing in front of 24,000 people….crazy and long story.

-payed $250.00 in college to see Dave Matthews. 30 rows from the stage. dumb college decisions.

-hung out with Mutemath in Chicago after a show, gave them our demo, a year later my buddy saw them at lollapalooza and gave them a tsp demo…they remembered who we were…cool!

-When I was eight or nine yrs old? I convinced my Dad not to smoke cigarettes anymore.

-Was in a movie with Sean William scott

-Came home with a shiner and cut over my eye. My Dad asked, did you win? I said yes. He said, “go clean yourself up for dinner.”

-For the science fair in 7th grade my buddy and I made a tornado…we took 2nd place

-Like the movie, “the notebook”. Thats for you Phil!

-When I was a teen I told Reina, “one day I am gonna perform here”. The Metro, Chicago’s coolest rock venue ever. 13yrs later I would perform there infront of 2,800 people. 2 months ago I told reina, “One day I will perform here…Radio City Music Hall, NY…

-I almost drowned on my honeymoon

-I Cut Alex’s hair in grade school, he ended up looking like a half eaten coconut

-When I was a kid, I wrapped a towel around my face and put it under water thinking I cold breath through it…

-Speaking of Alex, he dropped an enormous tube television on my head when I was 10yrs old.

-While in College I applied for a job at home Depot. It took me 2 hours to fill out the application on their computer system. Walked out and couldn’t find my car. It had been stolen. 6months later I found it. Just as I left it. I guess someone stole it for joy ride.

-Within the first 20 minutes of my first day of high school, I got in trouble…long story…and there’s a moral to the story…I swear…


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3 responses to “Facts you didn’t know…Part II

  1. That was fun to read! I should do one.

  2. That was one of the best blog entries I have ever read. I just snorted while I was laughing!

    The Note Book is better than the fruity Titanic, but it’s still soft.

  3. Erik

    ha…didnt i do the report on that tornado thing and albert did something on it..ha i still have the report we made that went along with the model of it…

    what movie where u in

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