The Saturn Project breaking up?

In 1999 I wrote the word “time” on a piece of paper. What that meant? Wasn’t sure. Sometime in 2000 I began writing some lyrics that weren’t the norm for me. After being in a “Christian” folk rock band since 1998, I decided to change lanes. I wrote some songs and decided to take them to the clubs and bars of Chicago. Everyone told me I was crazy. So for a few years we hit the scene singing and rocking on the weekends. Alex wasn’t even old enough to get it. We had to find ways of sneaking him into the clubs to perform. We always had some great musicians on piano, but never one that stuck around long enough, or passionate enough to rock the scene. I came home one evening, checked my bank account and made the greatest investment yet. I bought a cheap 300.00 Casio and figured out how to play it. I revisited the word “time” that i wrote in a notebook and wrote a song to it. I was upset and hurt by the fact that people were walking away from the dream we had. Not enough people believed. If i could only go back and fix things. But I couldn’t. “All the things you thought I lost, I left behind, to be with you”.

After that it got a little easier to write songs on the keyboard, and not knowing any theory what so ever. We kept on and charged forward. Musicians came and went, Alex and I knew we had to keep going. We’ve been doing music for over 12 yrs now, and close to 8 as the saturn project. They say most bands don’t get passed the decade. We were constantly reminded by many that we didn’t have what it takes to make it. We’d never get a record deal. Did it stop us? Heck nah. In 2006 we were nominated by the Chicago Music awards for ‘best rock entertainer”, thanks to all the faithful supporters who would come out to our shows. Our sound has evolved so much, my writing has changed drastically, we have become better musicians, most importantly we aren’t driven by stardom, deals, $$, fancy cars and magazines anymore. So the question is, after all these years of hard work, and now being away from the city that made us, is it over, is TSP breaking up? Yes! We’ve been broken off the pieces that have held us back all these years, and we are stronger than ever. Relocating to Miami put us in contact with an old friend, that would become TSP’s guitarrist, the missing piece!  Something is in the making and I can’t wait to get it out there and let you guys know what we are up to…But TSP is here, and here to stay. Thanks to all the Chicago support, you know who you are. We’re aren’t done yet… and to our Miami peeps, just wait…You haven’t seen anything yet! To everyone that writes to us from all over the globe, thanks. We are especially grateful to those who constantly remind us we don’t have what it takes…You are the fuel that keeps us going! thanks friends


Anthems for a broken world…coming soon…What if? music could change the world..


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4 responses to “The Saturn Project breaking up?

  1. juanita

    keep on rockin XD

  2. Keep rocking bro!!!!!!!

  3. Liz

    Hasta la victoria! Siguan pa’lante and May God bless you all in FL!!!


    I AM IN!

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