I don’t wanna become the system that destroyed many friends and families growing up. I don’t wanna conform to the ways of that system. Talk the talk but not walk the walk. I have never felt so nauseous seeing the system first hand. I think we are missing the point. Many are fighting the wrong battle and the hidden agendas will soon come to light. If this is what it is about, I want no part. It doesn’t seem to be aligning with the truth. This is not what he intended many to become. We’ve taken the truth and light out the equation in order to hide the shallowness and pass it from hand to hand and pat ourselves on the back. Its been a while since I have been in a room with tons of masks and not seeing people for who they really are. But within all of that, its great to see Revolutionaries and dreamers staying strong and true and coming together. Its not about us, or treasures down here, but something greater, something higher, something significant. Maybe they should consider letting Jesus back into the building…just a thought


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