Los Santoyo’s…


Better late then never…So here is another edition of the Santoyo’s. Its been a long long week. I am drained and tired but it has all been worth it. We had an amazing time in Key West last night with the family. This morning was another very cool Sunday. Everything was on point!!! Check out your local LPC bloggers for a recap on tonight. See you mañana.



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3 responses to “Los Santoyo’s…

  1. Rebecca Longtemps

    Diego got a guitar!!!!? 😀 It’s so tiny!

  2. ritzcrackah

    That dude with the pink shirt and beard looked like my grandpa…Only, my grandpa has more hair. The hair runs in the family. =]

  3. Key West is the farthest Key that you can reach by driving. But there are more keys farther west. 🙂

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