From the Stage…

Gotta admit it was a rough start this morning. We have this saying that if things are gonna break it will be on Sunday. Well, nothing broke but a few technical difficulties dominoed a bit right before we kicked it off at 8:30am. Then as soon as a strummed the first chord my guitar, I had no sound. The pedals were on, I was all connected, and nothing. The crew quickly came together and put a mic on my acoustic. I was sweating bullets but tried my best to keep calm and collective and keep the momentum going, Which is a tough thing to do considering what was going on.

The great thing is we have a top notch crew that patched up the leaks and we moved forward stronger then ever. It’s not easy leading 3 services but it’s an awesome rush! And soon enough we’ll be at four and possibly a 2nd site. Did I just say that out loud? oops.   I gave our announcements live from the announcement booth with our media person today( My adopted Daughter)! It was really cool. Did anyone think it was a video? Thanks Juanita for all your help and input.

We had a great crowd today and it is awesome how people are coming to Know Jesus here in Homestead. Keep inviting your friends!!! Join in the madness.

The things that got us here will not get us to the next level. If we are not moving forward then we are either going backwards or no where at all.  As we move forward on this journey we gotta be stretched, challenged and crushed in order to reach the true potential and capacity within us! To those to have stepped up to serve, thanks!! You are a huge part of what goes on On Sunday.  Your excellence is  very much appreciated!!! Wanna join the crew? hit me up, I will tell you how. Still looking for a Program Director!


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