So the story begins….

This morning was a tough morning for me. From a stuffy nose, pounding head ache, stomach virus blah blah blah. I sat on the white thrown this morning like never before.

Nevertheless this morning was great. It was a bitter sweet morning for the LPC staff. We said goodbye to Paul and his crew. They venture off to Tennessee and work for God there. Paul spoke on Obedience.  Mike led worship this morning and totally bailed me out. I felt if I would’ve sang this morning, I would’ve threw up every verse rather then sing…Literally.

So I am taking a quick breather and packing my bags for Atlanta. I feel a little sad leaving my crew behind for 2 whole weeks. I love them so much but this is a building block for what God has for the Santoyo’s here in South Florida. Last night we decorated the house before I venture off. Diego was in awe of everything this morning.  I look forward to finally recording my best tunes and move the planet with them.Please keep an eye out for my fam while I am gone…Love you Reina, Love you Diego, love you too little bun…

I am feeling a little better we’ll see if I can sing tonight in Plantation Key. Please stay tuned on my blog page and twitter I will have updates from the studio Daily. So the story begins…


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